ArborInfo assesses single trees, urban forests and family forests as well as forests held for and considered for long term sustainable forest investment.

Arborinfo LLC

What ArborInfo Can Do For You:

— Urban Forest and Tree Assessments

— Expert Witness for Tree Related Issues

— Forestland Management 

— Timber Appraisals

— Planning Silviculture and Harvests

— Tree Trespass
and Tree Condition Assessments

– Over 40 years experience managing forest lands in

Washington State: planning and implementation of all phases of forest management.

– Knows the Washington State Forest Practices regulations and can help landowners with management activities.

– We will perform forest evaluations and measurements to determine

the value of landowners’ forest tracts and identify harvest opportunities and silvicultural options.

– Forests can provide economic value along with cultural and environmental benefits. 

We help landowners balance these values, maximizing the full potential of their investment goals.